What is DMo?
What is DMo?

DMo is a free, easy-to-use app using new technology to offer you unique features:

a. Send files to your peers in complete privacy
b. Super-Airdrop files to any iPhone, Android, Windows and MacBook devices over internet, WiFi or hotspot
c. Share screen in 2 clicks

No advertising. No personal information needed. Enjoy your digital privacy.

Do I have to pay in any stage of using DMo?

No, DMo is totally free to use. No free trial period. You don’t need to pay regardless of how heavy and how frequent you use DMo.

Why the app is called DMo?

DMo, pronounced as “D” and “Mo”, stands for “Don’t Miss Out”.

We believe good things in life should be instantly shared. Don’t miss out on sharing fun, ideas and love, which make the world a lot better.

We also believe total privacy belongs to you. Don’t miss out on protecting your personal asset and right.

So DMo helps us not to miss them out.

How would DMo be financially sustainable if the app is free and allows no advertising?

DMo is chosen to be free for use to users so more people can enjoy the DMo Moment: instantly and privately share good things in life with your loved ones. It’s a social vision DMo creators tightly embrace to give back to our community.

Because DMo champions your privacy protection, so advertising in the app and commercial use of your data are totally prohibited in our policy.

The company behind DMo (called “itiio”) is highly confident to use the same core technology to develop other business revenue outside DMo and channel sufficient financial resources back to support continuous DMo operations and enhancements.

What languages will DMo cover in the near future? Will it come to my country?

DMo is in its initial version and built in 4 languages at the beginning, English, Spanish, Chinese and Indonesian. We are committed to expand our international reach and cover more languages in the very near future. Please let us know where DMo is wanted and we shall commit our resources accordingly.

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