DMo. “Don’t Miss Out” on good things in life!

FREE to install and use, NO in-app purchase.
【Available on iOS / Android / macOS / Windows】

DMo helps you share fun and ideas with 3 advantages:



DMo sends files and shares screen across any device, with or without Internet. No digital barrier in sharing.

DMo protects your privacy. No advertising. No personal information sought. No records of your communication (only you and your recipient have the file). Your communication is untraceable by the hackers.

Innovative and patent-pending edge computing technology behind.

Worry about sending confidential files over Internet?

DMo connects through “secure and private tunnels” in between devices. No document copy left in cloud. Transmission not traceable.

Have trouble to send lots of large files instantly from iPhone to Windows PC without file compression?

DMo connects with devices using either iOS, Android, MAC or Windows. You can share with your peers regardless of the device they use.

Want to do a presentation instantly but no big screen around?

DMo shares screen with any device in only 2 clicks. If no Internet is available, your mobile's Hotspot still works for DMo.

DMo is a ground-breaking, device to device communication app that shares file in original size or screen:

  • in complete privacy
  • with multiple parties instantly
  • anywhere with or without Internet
  • with any device (iOS/Android/MAC/Windows)

Don’t Miss out!

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iOS / Android / macOS / Windows
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