Join us with passion

  • Itiio is a small startup though harboring huge ambition. We believe our mission will change the game of digital communication for a healthier landscape of the industry. We know we are riding the waves of the up-and-rising edge computing technology and hold critical patents which are the cornerstone of our future success.
  • Technology can’t guarantee fortune. Patents can’t ensure winning. It’s all down to our conviction, our cohesion, and our teamwork quality to deliver the mission.
  • We need the best available technical and business talents who are not satisfied with the digital communication status quo, who have the same mindset as ours, and who are courageous to conquer the unknown and unyielding business environment.
  • Join us with passion, vigor and imagination. Join us to flourish our core values: integrity, humility, responsibility, open communication and teamwork. Join us to experience a real rewarding journey!
  • Send your information to Impress us at talents@itiio.io.