Sharing makes the world better

  • Fun unless shared is not happiness
  • Information unless shared is not knowledge
  • Ideas unless shared is not wisdom
  • Sharing is the building block of lasting relationships
  • Sharing is give-and-take. Sharing is a loving and benign act
  • Share instantly, as nobody is guaranteed a second chance

DMo, share your fun and ideas privately, easily and instantly

Good things in life should be Instantly Shared
Share Screen in 2 Clicks
Present Anywhere even without big screen around

Privacy belongs only to You

  • Your privacy is your sole ownership. Your private data is your own asset
  • Respect for people respects their privacy. Privacy is a basic human right.
  • Don’t trade your privacy for the use of a communication tool. Don’t sacrifice your privacy for other’s commercial interests

DMo protects your Privacy.

  • No intermediate server between sender and recipient.  No communication records in third party
  • Not using public IP address.  Untraceable by hackers
  • Not having your personal information, not using your phone/address book
I need private and secure communication in my life
Confidential Files Sent Over Internet
Private Files Sent Over Internet?

DMo breaks digital barriers

  • Communicate across different operating systems
  • Communicate across different devices
  • Communicate with or without Internet
  • Make presentation anywhere without a big screen
No more digital barriers in between my peers
Present Anywhere without big screen
Super-Airdrop to any device
Share without Internet or WiFi
Send files from iPhone to Windows