Alan Lau
Alan Lau
Chief Executive Officer
Inspired by the inventions and luminaries of my days in Imperial College, I have always endeavoured to make technology easily accessible for everyone. The DMo app marks the culmination of decades spent on abstraction of complexities of connecting people, devices and systems together, and simplifying sharing of anything, anytime, anywhere with just a click and a drag-n-drop, instantly.
Robin Shang
Robin Shang
Chief Technology Officer
Internet connects everything. But without Internet I can’t connect with you even if you are by my side. DMo App not only helps you share with the world, but also share in your own small world.
Brian Wong
Brian Wong
Chief Operating Officer
Innovation means nothing until it is applied in product while developing the technology into a world class user-centric product is the most challenging part. Now everyone can use our product easily in any moment, any where, any network, and without worries. So just download our App and have fun of sharing.
Tommy Lui
Tommy Lui
Chief Business Officer
We are stronger when we are connected. We are smarter when we share. We are happier when we are understood. Mankind should strive to manifest humanity as we touch each other, even in a digital way.
Ricky Lui
Ricky Lui
Chief Financial Officer
The future of mobile sharing should be fun and serverless, customers should be able to share mobile content anywhere, anytime without worrying about internet connectivity and data privacy.
Albert Kek
Chief Representative (Singapore)
A secure communication channel, where personal data is in control within each individual hands, is necessary for the development of a healthy eco-environment in this digital age!
Paulo Lam
Head of Redso, Outsourced UI/UX Development Partner
On smartphone, every minute counts. Users expect tasks to be done better and faster. Extraordinary technology has to come with intuitive UX/UI design. Every click is going to deliver the maximum value.
Vicki Wai
Head of Marketing
Marketing is about communication. Great communication begins with connection. Connection is the glue that bonds people together. Marketing takes a day to learn.  Unfortunately it takes a lifetime to master. We never stop, we never settle.
Raymond Ngai
Head of Infrastructure
It’s only when things go wrong that technology reminds us how powerful they can be. The biggest challenge of our next techie genius is to put humanity always ahead of our technological advance.
Kelvin Leung
Head of Quality & Compliance
Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives. And it’s not an act or process. It’s a Habit!
Yoana Wong
Marketing Manager
As the saying goes “Marketing is simply about sharing, share your message so it can find and attract the right person.” I say, “Life is about sharing, share your bits & pieces with your loved one to stay connected.”
Taryn Tsui
Project Engineer
It is technology that enables us to explore and share insights like never before. You will find the creators behind DMo with the earnest motive to empower communication and modern collaboration.
Alan Yau
Marketing Executive
DMo breaks all barriers, connects everyone, makes the world a better place. Now we bring you DMo. Let's tell everyone to download the app, don't miss out the chance of changing the world!
Tiffany Chan
Assistant Marketing Officer
The best marketing does not feel like marketing. We listen, we care, and we create. We build values by connecting people with shared beliefs. By these, we are making amazing things to happen.